Doboj Castle

Posted on February 13, 2023

The fortress and the town of Doboj are located in northern Bosnia in the area of ​​a wide geographical zone of hills. The central geostrategic importance of the position around the confluence of the Usora and Spreča rivers was a decisive factor in the creation of the fortress and town, from which, as a nucleus, modern Doboj developed.
In the 13th century, the location of the center, the geostrategic center of gravity of this part of the Bosna valley, changed, so it moved from the hill above the mouth of the Usora into the valley to the protruding rock of the Krnjin massif, a new location just opposite the mouth of the Spreča.
“… in Uxora suptus castrum Doboy… – In Usora under the Doboj fortress”, on June 16, 1415, Hungarian armies camped during the campaign through

the valley of Bosnia. This news from Dubrovnik merchants was sent to the Hungarian king Sigismund, and at the same time it is the oldest mention of the Doboj fortress in written historical sources. Varoš, the settlement is not mentioned in this document.
The fact that the construction of the Doboj fortress of stone walls began in the 13th century is proven by numerous archaeological investigations, finds of jewelry from the Usora cemetery and ceramics from the bottom

southern towers of the Doboj fortress, Austrian engravings from 1697, old Turkish censuses, notebooks. These evidences testify to the beginning of the construction of the Doboj fortress in the 13th century, follow and provide very valuable data about the penetration and replacement of enemy military crews in this area, and the periods of upgrading, repairing and adding to the Doboj fortress during the war with cold offensive weapons (catapults).

Today, the Doboj fortification is a cultural and historical monument of high value, which with its silhouette imposes the hallmark of a modern city.

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