Sha Fest

Posted on February 18, 2023

ŠA Fest is a multi-day, multidisciplinary festival, the only one of its kind in the territory of the city of Prijedor and surrounding municipalities, but also the only one in the wider area of ​​western RS, i.e. western BiH. Already in its second year, it became the 3rd music festival in the RS and the 4th in Bosnia and Herzegovina.
ŠA Fest is a memorial festival dedicated to the young artist, composer, academic painter and frontman of the group “Tattoo” Dalibor Popović Mikša. Mikša (ŠA) was and remains one of the most famous artists of the young painting and music scene of RS and BiH. With his work, songs, artistic installations and watercolors, he inspired many post-war generations of artists, musicians and young people in general, and became the idol of many. SHA goes on!

Dalibor Popović Mikša Fund
The realized profit from the Festival is redirected to the Dalibor Popović Mikša Fund, which is managed and taken care of by the Association of Citizens “ŠA FEST”, and the funds are used for the improvement and promotion of the art and music scene, scholarships for art and music students, and support for artists through the co-financing of exhibitions , buying instruments, recording material, organizing concerts, etc.

About Miksha
Dalibor Popović Mikša (ŠA) was born in Zagreb in 1980.
At the beginning of the nineties, he replaced the streets of Purger with those of Prijedor. As a teenager, he founded the rock band “Tattoo” with his friends from Prijedor, with which he also won the top prize at one of the guitar competitions in Zaječar. His creativity and author’s work, his authentic voice, the music he produced on the guitar, and later on the saxophone, will remain forever recorded in the songs of the band “Tattoo”, as well as many other bands with which Mikša played. He graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Banja Luka, in the class of Professor Radomir Knežević, and his surreal watercolors found their way beyond the borders of our country, they live all over the world, decorating the walls and lives of those whose hearts this artist touched with his work. For the last few years, he lived and worked in Belgrade, where he died of a heart attack on October 13, 2017, at the age of 37.

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