Historical Treasures

The cultural and historical heritage testifies to the rich and turbulent history of these areas. Fortresses, monasteries and other religious buildings, bridges, monuments still bear witness to the times of empires and kingdoms, to rebellions but also to the struggle for bare life. Colorful folklore ensembles convey a touch of past times through song and dance, while their members parade in lavish costumes.

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Zmijanje Embroidery


Zmijanjski vez is a special technique practiced by women on Zmijanj, a plateau near Banja Luka in

Location: Banja Luka, Bosna i HercegovinaWebsite: http://zmijanje.com/lat/ovezu.htmlPhone: +38751229720

Monument Mrakovica


The Kozara monument is dedicated to the partisans and civilians who gave their lives during the

Location: Monument to the Revolution "Mrakovica" (Spomenik Slobode), Dera, Bosna i HercegovinaWebsite: https://monumental9.org/bs-latn-ba/Spomenici-govore/memorijalni-kompleks-kozara-prijedor-bosna-i-hercegovinaPhone: 066766825

Valley Of Heroes


In the Valley of Heroes in Tjentište, 27 km from Foča, there is a memorial complex of the Battle of

Location: Tjentište, Bosna i HercegovinaWebsite: https://focaravajuce.org/sr/tours/izlet-u-dolinu-heroja/Phone: +38758212416

Mehmed Pasha Bridge


The Bridge on the Drina is a heritage of the Grand Vizier Mehmed Pasha Sokolovic (in Turkish Sokollu

Location: Na Drini Ćuprija, Ive Andrića, Višegrad, Bosna i HercegovinaWebsite: https://visegradturizam.com/atrakcije/na-drini-cuprija/Phone: +38758620821

Doboj Castle


The fortress and the town of Doboj are located in northern Bosnia in the area of ​​a wide

Location: Dobojska Tvrđava Gradina, Kralja Aleksandra, Doboj, Bosna i HercegovinaWebsite: https://posjetidoboj.ba/dobojska-tvrdava/Phone: +38753208770

Fortress Kastel


Castel Fortress is the oldest historical monument in the city of Banja Luka. The oldest traces of