Summer At Vrbas

Posted on February 18, 2023

The manifestation on Vrbas was organized for the first time by the members of the Club of Academicians Banja Luka (KAB) back in 1953 under the name “Carnival on Vrbas”. At the end of the 70s, the event changed its name to “Meeting on Vrbas”, and in 1995 it got its current name. The idea for the name of the event “Summer on the Vrbas” was given in order to unify continuous events during the summer on the Vrbas River and its banks. The main activities of the event are the Dayak and Kayak boat races, jumps from the City Bridge, as well as performances by cultural, artistic and musical groups.

Every year, the event brings together a large number of artists, athletes, entertainers and other Banja Luka associations and individuals who organize a rich cultural, entertainment and sports program with their activities on Vrbas and its shores. In the rich program on the river Vrbas and its banks, activities are held such as the dayak boat race in three categories, as well as the selection of the most beautiful dayak, jumps from the City Bridge, beach volleyball tournament, beach football, basketball for girls and boys, zip -line abseiling over the Vrbas river, open days of diving, performances by divers and rescuers, promotion of sports club activities, cauldron parties, Dancing under the stars, open-air cinema, etc.

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