Skiing on Jahorina

Posted on September 6, 2022

We all remember Jahorina for the ZOI ’84 and we mostly associate it with stories about some long-ago times when Bojan Križaj and Matea Svet won the World Ski Cup, the rhythm of the New Wave blared from the cassette tape in Stojadin, and kebabs were paid for in dinars that devalued endlessly… In recent years, however, there has been talk of a completely new Jahorina.

Last winter, we decided to visit Jahorina and see with our own eyes how good old Vučko became Mr. Wolf, who solves the skiing problems of all types of snow lovers. And we had a lot to see!!

The Jahorina ski resort meets all the criteria for enjoying the snow
The Jahorina ski resort extends from 1300 to 1916 meters above sea level. The Jahorina Olympic Center can boast of the most modern snowmaking systems that cover the entire ski area, i.e. 46 km of alpine and 10 km of Nordic trails.

At all times, the perfectly groomed slopes are connected by modern cable cars with a capacity of 17,000 skiers per hour.

The catering offer here is at an expectedly high level – at every turn there are cafes and restaurants offering traditional Bosnian cuisine. Sarajevo, on the other hand, is only 28 km away, or a 30-minute drive on a solid main road.

New investments improved skiing conditions
The Olympic Center was closed for the entire summer of 2021, but not because they didn’t have inquiries for the summer part of the season, but because they decided to put a dot on the “i” on all the huge investments of the past years! All summer long, Jahorina was a huge construction site and great progress was made again.

New cable cars and night skiing on Jahorina
As many as 5 new cable cars were built, including a large new gondola at the Poljica location. The same will drive skiers to the very top of the ski resort, where they will be greeted by a new panoramic bar!! In total, the capacity of the ski resort will increase by 9,500 skiers per hour, which is a huge improvement compared to the 17,000 they already know. Investments have also been made in a new snowmaking system, and the snow coverage has been increased on the new 7 km of slopes.

Six-seater cable car for the whole family!!
It is no longer news that Jahorina often invests in its ski resort and provides an incredible ski season every winter. Last year, Jahorina boasted the opening of the new six-seater Trnovo cable car. The cable car is 570 meters long and can transport 2,400 skiers per hour, while the ride itself takes about two minutes. Along with the six-seater there is also a completely new, mild and wide ski track where the little SkiGuru kids had their final competition last year. The new track and six-seater received great feedback from last year’s skiers, so we can’t wait for another opportunity to put on our skis and try out the novelties that await us. For all those who did not have the opportunity to visit Jahorina with us last season, check out our offer this season.

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