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The experiences of rafting, kayaking or canoeing through the beech trees and rapids of Vrbas, Tara, and Drina are unforgettable. Rock climbing or tightrope walking are special experiences above the Vrbas canyon during the Drill&Chill festival, on Crveni stijene Romanija by walking on the via ferrata "Skolov put", in Trebinje on the via ferrata "Wolf tooth" or on the via ferrata of Kuk kod Gacka. Skiing on Jahorina, Romanija or Kozara is no less fun, but neither is paragliding on Ozren.

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Alfa Trail Kozara


The Kozara Alfa Trail race gathers enthusiasts and initiators of ideas from the field of amateur

Location: Kozara, Bosna i HercegovinaWebsite: http://alfatrail.net/#Phone: +387 65 822 462

Via Ferrata "Falcon's Way" Romanjia


Via Ferrata Sokolov Put in Romania is a secured mountain path, i.e. a path along the rocks arranged

Location: Via ferata Sokolov put, Romanija, Romanija, Bosna i HercegovinaWebsite: https://istocnosarajevo.travel/via-ferrata-sokolov-put-romanija/Phone: +387 57 201 280

Paragliding Ozren


The paragliding club "ParaGhost" from Doboj has been in existence since 2009 and to this day has

Location: Paragliding Club ParaGhost, Doboj, Bosna i HercegovinaWebsite: https://www.ozren.org/index.php/srl/paraglajding/o-klubuPhone: +387 66 910 411

Kayak / Canoe Banjaluka


Tourist kayak/canoe rides on Vrbas are possible throughout the year, but the best time is spring and

Location: DAJAK KLUB Banja Luka, Save Kovačevića, Banja Luka, Bosna i HercegovinaWebsite: https://www.banjaluka-tourism.com/index.php/sr/aktivnosti/avantura/kajak-kanu-banjalukaPhone: +38751490300

Rafting Tara


Immerse yourself in the stunning scenery of the Tara river with a thrilling rafting trip, and then

Location: Rafting Centar Drina-Tara, Foča, Bosna i HercegovinaWebsite: https://tara-raft.com/Phone: +38766640882

Vrbas Rafting


Rafting center Kanjon is located 11 km from the center of Banja Luka on the main road M16, Banja

Location: Коноба Пастир Кањон / Konoba Pastir Kanjon, Bastasi, Bosna i HercegovinaWebsite: https://www.raftingnavrbasu.com/Phone: + 38766714169

Kozara Ski Resort


"Kozara" National Park is located in the central part of the mountain of the same name, on an area

Location: Mrakovica, Kozara, Bosna i HercegovinaWebsite: https://kozaraski.com/Phone: +38752211169

Skiing on Jahorina


We all remember Jahorina for the ZOI '84 and we mostly associate it with stories about some long-ago

Location: Jahorina, Bosna i HercegovinaWebsite: https://www.oc-jahorina.com/Phone: +38766636636