Rainforest Janj

Posted on February 10, 2023
Rainforest Janj
Our country is among the very few in Europe where there are still natural forests or rainforests. We consider rainforests to be forests created naturally, which grew, lived, regenerated and died according to the laws of nature without any human intervention. That's why they were formed as stands of a special type. Our rainforests are mixed stands of spruce, fir and beech, and less often pure stands.

Mountain maple and elm are mixed in, usually as individual trees. In rainforests there are trees of all heights, thicknesses and ages, from the youngest to the oldest. New life flourishes on the remains of naturally dead trees. The importance of such natural rainforest objects grew more and more as civilization and science developed.

Today, our rainforests are unusually valued as very rare natural phenomena in Europe, because in the vast majority of European countries they have long since disappeared. The importance of rainforests was realized too late in other countries, when they had already disappeared.

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