Wonders of nature

Republic of srpska has countless natural wonders on its 25,000 square meters of surface. It abounds in fast, clean, cold mountain rivers, mountains and hills. We have the deepest canyon in Europe, the Tara canyon, which we share with Montenegro, but also the second largest in Europe, the Drina canyon, which we share with Serbia. We have three rainforests, one of which, the Janj rainforest, is under UNESCO protection. In addition to crystal clear rivers, such as the Una, Tara, and Pliva, from which you can drink water, our territory also has the Ukrina, a blooming river. In Foča, we have the natural phenomenon of sand pyramids, which are constantly growing and changing their shape, we have habitats of manfish, but also Pančić's spruce. Welcome to the land richly rewarded by nature.

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Drina - National Park


"Drina" National Park is the youngest national park on the territory of Republika Srpska and Bosnia

Location: Национални парк "Дрина", Skelani, Bosna i HercegovinaWebsite: https://npdrina.com/Phone: +38756471021|
National park – Kozara Closed nowOpens at 08:30 today

National park - Kozara


"Kozara" National Park is located in the central part of the mountain of the same name, on an area

Location: Mrakovica, Kozara, Bosna i HercegovinaWebsite: https://npkozara.com/Phone: +38752211169

Sutjeska - National Park


We are located at the junction of Bosnia, Herzegovina and Montenegro, which is a kind of natural,

Location: Sutjeska, Bosna i HercegovinaWebsite: https://sutjeskanp.com/

Rainforest Janj


Our country is among the very few in Europe where there are still natural forests or rainforests. We

Location: Prašuma Janj, Pribeljci, Bosna i HercegovinaWebsite: https://prasumajanj.com/Phone: +387 50 371 197

Una Nature Park


The area of ​​the Una Nature Park is characterized by specific geological and hydrological

Location: Green team, Karađorđa Petrovića, Novi Grad, Bosna i HercegovinaWebsite: https://www.gt-centar.com/Phone: +387 66 262 610

Orjen Nature Park


Orjen Nature Park is a protected area of ​​the part of Orjen and Bijela Gora (the northern side of

Location: Orjen, Bosna i HercegovinaWebsite: http://orjen.me/ponuda-parka/biciklizam/Phone: +382 67 933 993