Una Nature Park

Posted on February 9, 2023

The area of ​​the Una Nature Park is characterized by specific geological and hydrological phenomena, as well as exceptional biological diversity, which is manifested through floristic, faunal and ecosystem values. The Una valley has been known since ancient times for the occurrence of large masses of travertine (bigra). The entire bed of the Una is stepped in its longitudinal profile, which is precisely due to the cascading occurrences of bigr, which alternates with flat and calm parts of the flow. According to Matoničkin and Pavletić (1963), we can distinguish four types of travertine formations in the Una river. The most common are small barriers with a height of 0.5 to 1.5 m, which are characteristic for this area because they show a specific structure and are somewhat different from all the formations in our other rivers.

The special value of the researched area are the habitats of numerous species of fish. The morphology of Una makes it possible to see many different types of fish in one place. As many as 39 different species of fish have been identified in the Una, which certainly ranks it among the richest of our rivers. The third feature of the “Una” Nature Park is the unique landscapes. The area is characterized by a mosaic of preserved natural habitats, partially altered and those created by anthropogenic influences. The emerald river Una, and a series of hydrological, geomorphological and other phenomena, among which stand out many travertine formations, rapids, waterfalls, ades and river lakes, as well as unbreakable coastal vegetation, and settlements on its banks make this protected area unique.

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