Gastro Guide

Posted on February 17, 2023
Gastro Guide

“Given that our cuisine is very similar to the countries in the region, we still singled out something that we can say is characteristic of our area, such as: Trappist cheese, Romanian crust, Janjski cream cheese, Nevesinj cheese from the bag, Banja Luka kebab, and Herzegovinian prosciutto”, the announcement states.

The brochure also presents the offer of domestic wineries, with an emphasis on those that have a tasting room, such as the “Jungić”, “Vukoje” and “Anđelić” cellars.

“Brandy is also presented here – a drink by which everyone knows these areas, as well as local craft beers”, they state from TORS.

Since the primary goal of the brochure is to attract guests to visit Republika Srpska, TORS states that they have also presented several ethno-villages where traditional food is served.

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