Flavors To Remember

In our country, hardworking householders produce food in their fields, gardens, and orchards. It is not rare to buy meat, milk, vegetables, fruit, cereals... organically grown, domestically produced in shops or catering establishments. Real gastronomic delicacies are made from these foods.

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Gastro Guide


"Given that our cuisine is very similar to the countries in the region, we still singled out

Location: Bana Milosavljevića 8, Banja Luka, Bosna i HercegovinaWebsite: http://turizamrs.org/wp-content/uploads/2021/04/GASTRO-2021_compressed.pdfPhone: +387 51 223 720

AC Agrojapra


The beginning was, literally, on the ice. He moved with the "step by step" system. Every year

Location: Agrojapra, Donji Agići, Bosna i HercegovinaWebsite: https://www.agrojapra.net/Phone: +38752480900

House of Lijevce and Potkozarje


JU "Tourist organization of the city of Gradiška" PJ "House of Lijevča and Potkozarja" is a place

Location: Kuća Lijevča i Potkozarja, Vidovdanska, Gradiška, Bosna i HercegovinaWebsite: https://kucalijevca.togradiska.com/Phone: 051 453-047

Krajina house


"Krajiska house", the first store of agricultural products in the Banja Luka region, has almost 300

Location: Krajiška kuća/Krajina house, Kralja Petra I Karađorđevića, Banja Luka, Bosna i HercegovinaWebsite: https://www.banjaluka-tourism.com/index.php/sr/aktivnosti/kupovina/krajiska-kucaPhone: +387 (51) 490 300

Herzeg House


The Domestic food store "Herceg House" is located in the center of Trebinje, next to the tourist

Location: Herzeg House Organic Store, Jovana Dučića, Trebinje, Bosna i HercegovinaWebsite: https://herzeghouse.com/Phone: +387 59 226-459