Drina – National Park

Posted on February 17, 2023
Drina - National Park

“Drina” National Park is the youngest national park on the territory of Republika Srpska and Bosnia and Herzegovina. It stands out for its exceptional natural values ​​and diversity of animal life.

“Drina” National Park has exceptional natural values. The main values ​​are the habitats of endemic and relict plant species, primarily Pančić’s spruce and the gorge-canyon valley of the Drina River and its tributaries. This area forms a unique complex, i.e. a part of the Dinaric Old Vlach-Rašk Highlands.

In many places, the Drina passes through straits where high rocks rise almost vertically from the water. The Drina River passes between the Zvijezda and Tara mountains, and it is precisely there that its canyon is the deepest, as some peaks rise above 1000 m above sea level. The entire area is overgrown with pine forest, which is the habitat of numerous wild animals, and it is possible to see various types of birds, which have found their refuge there. The Drina River is considered one of the rivers richest in fish in the former Yugoslavia.

It represents a paradise for anglers because, in addition to being one of the cleanest rivers, it also abounds in various types of fish, the most attractive of which are grayling, trout, bream, sturgeon, chub, barbel, catfish… There are about 30 types of fish in the Drina river, but it is certainly the most famous young woman, who is also called the “Queen of the Drina”.

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