Spa Slatina

Posted on February 12, 2023
CategoryHealth Oases

Thanks to the natural benefits, thermal mineral water and healing mud, and the gentle forest environment, the location of the Institute “Dr. Miroslav Zotović” in Slatina has ideal conditions for the implementation of health care and disease prevention programs and the development of health tourism services.

Accommodation capacity of about 500 beds, modernly equipped rooms and apartments, nutrition individually adapted to the illness/condition of the patient/user, helpful staff with a magical natural environment, as well as the proximity of the largest city of the Republika Srpska are a guarantee for top treatment, rehabilitation and stay in the Institute’s spa complex in Slatina.

A pavilion-type accommodation complex with a modern therapeutic and recreational center and a congress hall, as close to the “Slatina Forest Park”, provides an opportunity for the development of health and congress tourism.

Following the needs of the fast pace of modern life, the Spa Complex Slatina also provides health care services, as well as care for the body and spirit through wellness programs.

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