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Posted on February 12, 2023
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The first to mention the mineral water “Mlječanica” in his book was the famous Austro-Hungarian balneologist E.Ludwig in 1888, and later it was also recorded by F. Katzer in his book “K poznavanju mineralnih vrela Bosna”.

In the mid-seventies of the last century, the local community also became aware of the need to use the gift of nature, and complete hydrogeological research was carried out with special testing and physical and chemical analyzes of water.

At the beginning of the eighties, the construction of the Spa “Mlječanica” began. In the first phase, a well-equipped hospital with 105 beds, a reception area, a restaurant and accompanying facilities was built. After the necessary medical staff was completed, the Spa started operating on July 4, 1987. years.

Sulphide mineral water “Mlječanica” according to balneological classification belongs to magnesium-calcium-sodium-sulfide sulfate mineral waters.

The water temperature is below 15ºC, thus belonging to the group of cold waters.

It has a stable neutral Ph value. Mineralization is unchanged and the dry residue at 150 ºC is about 3800 mg/l.

Although natural healing springs have been known in the area of ​​Mlječanica since ancient times, the first written record was left by the Austrian scientist E. Ludwig in 1888.

Mineral water “Mlječanica” also got its place in the book “Knowledge of mineral springs of Bosnia” by F. Katzer in 1919.

After a series of geological and hydrogeological works, the development of the well and test measurements were carried out in September 1976. Since then, the “Mlječanica” mineral water has been used in an organized manner to treat many patients with great success.

Many scientific research works carried out by our most respected physiatrist-balneologists have demonstrated and scientifically proven the great medicinal properties of our mineral water.

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