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National park – Kozara Closes in 9 minutes

National park - Kozara


"Kozara" National Park is located in the central part of the mountain of the same name, on an area

Location: Mrakovica, Kozara, Bosna i HercegovinaWebsite: https://npkozara.com/Phone: +38752211169

Spa Vrucica


Spa Vrućica is located near the town of Teslić in the valley of the river Usora, with well-known

Location: Banja Vrućica Hotel Kardial, R473, Banja Vrućica, Bosna i HercegovinaWebsite: https://banja-vrucica.com/Phone: 00387 53 421 200
Delta Shopping Mall Closes in 2 hour/s 9 minutes

Delta Shopping Mall


Enjoy the largest Shopping Mall in the Republic of Srpska. Delta offers a rich selection of the

Location: Gradiška, Bosna i Hercegovina
Ethnic Village of Kotromanicevo Closes in 2 hour/s 9 minutes

Ethnic Village of Kotromanicevo


At 20 kilometers from Doboj towards Derventa, 45 km from the border with Croatia, on about 1 ha of

Location: Kraljevsko selo Kotromanićevo, Bosna i HercegovinaWebsite: https://www.kotromanicevo.com/Phone: +387 53 28 28 35
Ćevapi Kod Muje Closed nowOpens at 08:00 tomorrow

Ćevapi Kod Muje


If you’re looking for a quick and nice meal with grilled meat, like cevapi this is the place. It’s a

Location: Kod Muje, Braće Mažar i majke Marije, Banja Luka, Bosna i HercegovinaPhone: 051 319-912
Manjaca Apartments Closes in 9 minutes

Manjaca Apartments


Long waits are worth it! I suggest a party of 2 if you can make it happen, just because when you

Location: Manjača, Bosna i HercegovinaWebsite: www.manjacaapartmani.comPhone: 066 666 555
Wild Horses Site Seeing Closes in 2 hour/s 9 minutes

Wild Horses Site Seeing


At the foot of Mount Cincar, not far from Livno, around 500 wild horses, descendants of wild animals

Location: Kupres, Kupres, Bosna i Hercegovina
Ethno Village Stanisici Open now

Ethno Village Stanisici


Yes, there really was an Ann Sather. In the 1940s, a vivacious career woman named Ann Sather

Location: Stanišići Ethno Village, Pavlovića put, Dvorovi, Bosna i Hercegovina